Welcome to the Socktober Challenge!

Over six weeks, the Socktober Challenge takes children and young people on a journey around the world in mission, bearing witness to stories of people they are supporting by participating in Socktober.

Our comprehensive weekly Mission Packs have been created by an expert team of qualified educators, and feature resources, prayers and activities designed to engage students' heads, hearts and hands in issues of mission and social justice.

Simply access the weekly modules below and begin implementing the activities and reflections into your weekly lesson plans, or have a go at doing them at home. Your kids will love what's on offer.

Week 1: Compassion

Discover the origin of the iconic Catholic Mission ‘sockball’ and learn how to make your own. This week's Mission Pack takes us to India, where a group of young people made the first ‘sockball’ by hand, inspiring hundreds of students across Australia. Learn about their story, and discover mission in the south of India.

Week 2: Respect

This week we head north to Nagaland, a state in northeast India, and visit the children at the Eden Gardens Children's Home in Khuzama. How have they been affected by COVID-19 and what are they doing to show stewardship for the environment and their own futures?

Week 3: Love

In Week 3 we're leaving the subcontinent and travelling over 6,000 kilometres to Ethiopia and a small community called Meki. The community is a melting pot of women, men and children with different experiences of life in Ethiopia and other parts of Africa and the world. We'll learn about a special place in Meki which plays an important role for women, especially those who have found themselves in vulnerable situations.

Week 4: Enlightenment

This week, we're staying put in Ethiopia, but moving south to the region of Hawassa. In this place, only 3% of the population is Catholic, with over half professing a Protestant faith. This week we will learn about an order of Catholic Sisters who have saved countless lives through their nutrition programs. We'll learn their story and see how one family's life has changed dramatically over the years.

Week 5: Balance

In Week 5 of the Socktober Challenge we depart Africa and travel back to Asia and one of its biggest tourism and industry hubs, Bangkok. The capital of Thailand is home to eight million people and stark wealth inequality. Across the city, towering skyscrapers hosting finance, insurance and advertising corporations cast enormous shadows over urban slums, where communities of people live in steep poverty. These women, men and children are often overlooked by the businesspeople and holidaymakers that flood into the city in normal times. Do we ever ask, what is their story?

Week 6: Joy

In the final week of the Socktober Challenge, we hop across the border and into Cambodia, a nation of exquisite culture but one with a dark history. We'll meet Dara, a young boy whose life was irreversibly changed by a landmine explosion that took his right hand. We'll spend some time at the Arrupe Centre in Battambang, where Dara lives and where he is given opportunities to develop fully despite the challenges of his condition.

What's included in the Socktober Challenge

Sport at the Service of Humanity

In an age where the focus seems increasingly to be on the final outcome rather than the journey, Sport at the Service of Humanity is a reminder of what really matters in life: COMPASSION. RESPECT. LOVE. ENLIGHTENMENT. BALANCE. JOY. Sport at the Service of Humanity provides an opportunity to combine the emotion of faith and sport into a powerful force that can make a real difference to our world.

Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by the UN in 2015, are an urgent call to action for all countries - developed and developing - in a global partnership. They recognize that ending poverty and other deprivations must go hand-in-hand with strategies that improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth – all while tackling climate change and working to preserve our oceans and forests. 

Catholic Social Teaching

We contribute to God's mission through using Catholic Social Teaching as guiding principles. Catholic Social Teaching principles are based on scripture and a rich tradition of Church writings dating back (in the modern era) to 1891.

See. Judge. Act.

The way in which we look at each aspect of injustice happening locally, nationally and globally is by using the See. Judge. Act. process. This is known as the Cardijn Method and involves a process of prayer, discernment, observation, research, reflection and action through the lens of the Gospel, tradition and CSTs. It is inherent in the Head, Heart, Hands framework through which Socktober is delivered.

Head, Heart, Hands

Our Socktober activities and resources are designed to engage your children in a holistic experience of mission, using the head, heart, hands framework. This framework is connected to the Cardijn method - See, Judge, Act.