Plan Your Mission Week!

Mission Week (23-28 October) is the celebration of global mission in schools across Australia.

Starting with World Mission Sunday in your local parish, your Mission Week is a chance to have fun, learn more about important issues of mission and justice, and get active with a Socktober Shootout. 

The centrepiece of any Mission Week, the Socktober Shootout is based on soccer's dramatic penalty shootout, which has famously decided some legendary matches, including putting the Socceroos into this year's World Cup!

The Socktober Shootout is a good way to make use of the sockballs students have made throughout the Socktober Challenge.


There are other activities you can also incorporate into your Socktober Event Day. Here are 5 tips to run a successful Socktober Event Day:

1. Put it in the calendar well in advance. Recruit colleagues to help and invite parents to join on the day. 

2. Make use of
our school resources to plan the activities for the day, including Mass or liturgy.

3. Use our templates to promote Socktober and your Event Day in your school and beyond!

4. Introduce the focus country, Ethiopia, during lessons leading up to the Event Day. Use our Mission Packs to help guide the conversation. 

5. Run the Socktober Shootout on your Event Day by dividing students into groups and assigning parents or teachers as volunteer goalkeepers. Ensure everyone can take several shots at goal, including with their sockballs. Run a debrief with our sockball activity sheet.

Don’t forget to take photos (with permission) of your Socktober Shootout and share it using the hashtag #Socktober2022 and #Socktober4Mission.

How to make your own sockball

Before kicking your goals, check out our step-by-step guide on how to make a recycled sockball, with Catholic Mission's Dorothy Makasa. Many children in Ethiopia and around the world play with a ball just like this - even Pope Francis did as a boy in Argentina. Ready to make yours?


These resources will help you to plan and effectively run a smooth Socktober Event Day for your students, ensuring the activities are as fun as they are formational. 

Socktober 2022 Sockball Debrief Activity

Socktober 2022 Sockball Debrief Activity

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Socktober 2022 Event Day Run Sheet

Socktober 2022 Event Day Run Sheet

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Socktober Shootout: How to Play

Socktober Shootout: How to Play

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Tips to nailing the perfect penalty goal

On your Socktober Event Day, you'll be kicking plenty of goals. Here are a few tips from our resident soccer guru to help you match it with the Matildas and the Socceroos and net all your shots.