Got some questions about Socktober? We compiled a list of the most common ones here. If you are still unsure about anything, please contact our team or your local Catholic Mission representative at any time.        

How do I register my school? 

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Your school is most likely already in our system, waiting to be activated. You can do this by setting up a team (for a class, house group, year group or with your school's name) and linking it to your school page during the sign up process. 

This year, we're encouraging all schools to sign up as teams and to recruit their students as players. It simplifies the process by eliminating additional levels of 

Check out our video below with the steps to creating a team.

When do I need to run Socktober in my school?

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Socktober is a program that helps students connect with and celebrate World Mission Month throughout October. We recommend starting as soon as possible to give your students the best journey! Our Socktober Road Map can help you decide how to best integrate the six Socktober Challenge Mission Packs into your Mission Month plans.

Is online fundraising through Socktober safe?

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The privacy and safety of Socktober participants is of utmost importance to Catholic Mission. The student registration process is secure and must be completed with a parent/carer.  Personal details will not be made public or shared with third parties other than Funraisin, who securely operate the platform. Students cannot directly communicate with anyone through the website.

How much effort is required?

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Participants can raise crucial funds through Socktober in three simple steps: sign up, kick goals, and share their page.

The activities and resources available to teachers are intended to tie in with several curriculum areas so that Socktober can be integrated easily into general classwork. Teachers are encouraged to make use of the Socktober Mission Packs to support the formation of students as they kick their goals and raise funds online. There are many resources available on this website to help plan an event and promote Socktober to parents and the community. 

How does Socktober link to curriculum?

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Schools participating in Socktober utilise the initiative as part of their mission curriculum, engaging students in an interactive way. The Socktober Challenge has been developed by experienced primary and secondary educators and includes components that draw on history, geography, arts and craft, physical education, and humanities and social sciences.

Some Catholic Mission offices are also able to complement your curriculum with mission workshops for students, which can also be held during Socktober Event Day or any time in the year. For further information please email info@socktober.org.au.

What age group is Socktober most suited to?

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Socktober is suitable for grades 2-10 and can be adapted by teachers accordingly. The Socktober Event Day suits all ages, but senior secondary students (years 10-12) could be asked to assist with leadership of the day and mentoring of younger students who are participating.

Where does the funding go?

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Socktober is a program exclusively run by Catholic Mission, and raises funds for programs benefiting children around the world. Each year, we choose a focus country to represent how the funds raised through Socktober will benefit children overseas. In 2023, our focus projects are in Timor-Leste. In addition to supporting this country, the funds raised may be distributed to our other partners in order of where the need is greatest. You can read more about our other projects, as well as updates from the field, in the Our Work section of the Catholic Mission website.

Is my donation tax-deductible? 

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All donations over $2 to Socktober are tax-deductible. You will receive a tax receipt immediately upon the processing of your payment. If you have questions about your donation, please call our team on 1800 257 296. 

Can we still run a crazy sock day with gold coin donations?

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Catholic Mission welcomes any form of support that schools, their students and their families are able to offer for people in need. 

The Socktober program has evolved from crazy socks and gold coins to incorporate a soccer component and online fundraising in order to provide a deeper formational experience for students. If they can take a leading role in raising the funds, they should better understand why they are participating and what their role is as members of the universal church. 

Can our school make an offline donation? 

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Though we encourage schools and students to have their own individual fundraising pages, if your school has collected funds offline and you would like to deposit these, you can do so via BPAY and direct debit. Please contact our friendly team on 1800 257 296 for banking details and support in this process.  

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