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Socktober Challenge: Your mission starts here

The Socktober Challenge is a comprehensive journey in mission where students create their own adventure and kick goals for kids in need off the field. Register today, check out our six themed Mission Packs, and decide what’s best for your class!

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Socktober Shootout: Kick your mission goals

Time to shoot for the stars! Host a Socktober Event Day and use your sockballs to kick goals on the field. Discover the reality for children in Ethiopia and other majority world countries and compare it to our own. Don’t forget to ask your family and friends to sponsor your goals!

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Mission Month Resources for Educators and Students

The only place to find Catholic Mission’s renowned suite of resources for World Mission Month, including mass and liturgy resources, music, advocacy resources and 360-VR material.

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Much of what we discuss during Socktober intersects with issues affecting people all around the world, including Australia. Learn how you can take concrete action to promote social justice in your world.

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Fundraise your way

We recommend each student create their own Socktober Star page and take control of their fundraising, seeking sponsorship from friends and family as they kick goals throughout Socktober. It’s safe, secure and straightforward, but we know that’s not for everyone. Here are some other ways you can fundraise for mission projects through Socktober:

  • Collect donations at a Socktober Event Day. Contact your local Catholic Mission representative to find out how to bank these donations.
  • Use an offline donation form to tally up cash pledges from supporters.
  • Fundraise throughout the year. Choose some class goals and add to the pot each time you kick them.