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2022: Ethiopia

You will be my witnesses   (Acts 1:8)

Five-month-old Ajani and his devoted mum Neela were our heroes in 2022, as we spotlighted the issues of food insecurity and malnutrition in Ethiopia. 

In Emdibir, the two issues are keenly felt by the local community and exacerbated by drought, conflict and climate change. Ajani was one of the innocent young lives caught up in this, and his tiny call was heard from 10,000 kilometres away.

Over 554 schools answered that call, to the tune of over $612,000, which helped to construct the goat farm in the village and stock it with milking goats, supporting a sustainable solution to the challenges facing families like Neela's.

2021: Thailand

For we cannot keep from speaking of what we have seen and heard   (Acts 4:20)

In 2021, we turned our focus to Thailand and the Good Shepherd Kindergarten, which cares for vulnerable young children like Kusa. 

Thanks to your support, and that of over 360 Australian Catholic schools, we raised over $221,000 for the Good Shepherd Kindergarten and other projects in Thailand and around the world. 

We contributed school supplies for the Kindergarten, as well as nutritious meals, snacks and milk for the children, and school uniforms. 

Kusa was safely shepherded to primary school where he is now in the second grade and enjoying life. His mother Samorn is proud of her boy and relieved that she was given the opportunity to gain employment. 

2020: Cambodia

For the joy of the Lord is my strength  (Nehemiah 8:10)

Despite the dificulties faced by thousands of schools and families across Australia, in 2020 we banded together to do something great for kids in even greater situations of need. 

Through Socktober, 373 schools joined to raise over $116,000 for communities in Cambodia and around the world. 

We shared the story of children like Dara and Toi at the Arrupe Centre in Battambang.  Thanks to your support, they received major upgrades to the facilities, improved sporting equipment, and quality educational resources. 

They have a brighter future today thanks to your generous support.

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