For the first time, we have combined our World Mission Month and Socktober resources into one comprehensive environment to ensure you have everything you need for your school's celebration of mission in one place.

  Below you'll find links to our amazing Socktober Challenge resources, tools for catechists, ways to advocate for children in need, and prayer and liturgy resources for your school's Mission Day. 

Pope Francis' Message for World Mission Month


“We cannot but speak about what we have seen and heard” (Acts 4:20)

Once we experience the power of God’s love, and recognize his fatherly presence in our personal and community life, we cannot help but proclaim and share what we have seen and heard.

Everything about Christ reminds us that he knows well our world and its need for redemption, and calls us to become actively engaged in this mission: “Go therefore to the highways and byways, and invite everyone you find” (Mt 22:9). No one is excluded, no one need feel distant or removed from this compassionate love.

Read Pope Francis' entire message for World Mission Sunday     

Pope Francis World Mission Sunday Message

Pope Francis World Mission Sunday Message

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Prayer and Liturgy

Socktober is, first and foremost, a means through which schools and students can celebrate World Mission Month in October, and an important component of this celebration is a liturgy or Mission Mass to reflect on the efforts of mission partners around the world and pray for them and the communities they serve. Mass and liturgy materials are available here, in downloadable Word, PDF, and PowerPoint formats. 

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Our focus project in Bangkok, the Kindergarten Centre, teaches us so much about why it is critical to protect every child. Learn here about how we can raise awareness for the rights and dignity of every person, including those in Australia who are vulnerable. 

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Resources for Catechists

Primary and Secondary resources to inform catechism and religious education classes, either in school, youth groups, or at home. 

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