About Socktober

ENGAGE - Socktober invites schools to engage with mission in an holistic way within the heads, heart, hands model: encouraging a learning mind, an open heart and hands for action. Children experience how their brothers and sisters in Ghana play the game of soccer, learn about life in Ghana and are moved to action.

LEAD - Socktober provides children with the opportunity lead in mission by sharing their story of support with their family and friends. Please register your child today, so that they can participate and share.

CREATE – As part of Socktober, children build a recycled ‘Sockball’ – a replica of the type of ball thousands of children throughout the world use each day. Click here to view 'How to make a Sockball'. Socktober resources have been designed for discussion and engagement with children before, during and after Socktober are integral part of the learning pedagogy.  

MISSION DAY - A Socktober Mission Day is an opportunity for your school to participate in additional activities including virtual reality and #shoestories. A Socktober Mission Day adds depth to children’s experience of mission and an understanding of how daily life is similar and different in countries such as Ghana. For help with planning your Socktober Mission Day, please contact your local Diocesan Director, or email info@socktober.org.au to learn more.

Register today

Register your child online today and help set up their fundraising page so they can start raising money. Set a target your child would like to reach, and share the page with your family and friends to help your child reach their goal.

The registration process will only take a couple of minutes, and is secure and user-friendly.

As part of Socktober children will be learning about how they can help make a difference to the lives of children just like them around the world. This year we focus on Ghana, in western Africa, where children with disability sometimes do not have access to opportunities to help them lead life to the full.


How to Play

Students wear their favourite teams' soccer jerseys and kick goals to ‘Sock it to poverty!’

Each child kicks five balls in a penalty shoot-out style, and is sponsored for five attempts. One goal attempt will be played with the ‘Sockball’ which is hand-made by students, giving a real-life understanding of soccer in developing countries. The goal keeper is an integral part of the game and can join in the fun. Invite your school principal, parish priest, mayor or local soccer star to be your goal keeper!

Check out this video about Socktober from St Christopher's Catholic Primary School in Panania!

About Catholic Mission

Your support will help Catholic Mission provide education and healthcare for key projects in over 160 countries, including remote Australia. You’ll be giving children the opportunity for an enriched life, regardless of race, stigma, religion or gender.

Catholic Mission relies on people like you to make our work possible. It’s the normal everyday contributions that allow us to make an extraordinary difference.

Thank you for protecting children’s rights and ‘socking it’ to poverty.