Welcome to Week 2 of the Socktober Challenge!

We hope you enjoyed all the activities and resources in week 1. This week we're travelling north, into a remote Indian state called Nagaland. Below you will find a wealth of resources connected to this week's theme of Respect. Work your way through each of the activities and make sure to ask your friends and family for support as you continue along your Socktober journey.

Week 2: Respect

Catholic Social Teaching: Stewardship

This week we head north to Nagaland, a state in northeast India, and visit the children at the Eden Gardens Children's Home in Khuzama. How have they been affected by COVID-19 and what are they doing to show stewardship for the environment and their own futures?

Let's take a look around the Eden Gardens Children's Home

What things do you notice, how do you think life is different for children in Nagaland? What daily tasks and activities do the children participate in?

What is an Environmental Action Group?

This week in the Socktober Challenge we're focusing on respect and stewardship. At the Eden Gardens Children's Home in Nagaland, the children are stewards of the environment around them, and their respect for their common natural home is not simply a moral duty - it is essential for the survival of the place in which they live. The children must look after the surrounding forests and streams because it is their direct source of water.

How does your school care for the surrounding environment? Does it have an environmental action group? Find out what this is and what its main duties and responsibilities are. Ask yourself and your friends: in what ways can we better care for the environment we share?

Does your school have an Environmental Action Group? Send us an email and tell us all about it!

Our Environmental Action Group: "Stewards of Creation"


We are Year 4 from St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School in Lochinvar, NSW, Australia. We have 520 students enrolled at our school. There are 74 students in Year 4.  

Our environmental action group at our school is led by some of our Year 6 leaders. Their group is called ‘Stewards of Creation’.

At our school we care for our surrounding environment by:

  • Picking up all our rubbish and putting it in the correct coloured bin
  • Planting native trees and bushes that use less water
  • Taking part in whole school clean-ups every term
  • Encouraging students and staff to use containers instead of plastic coverings and snack bags
  • Collecting rainwater, use solar panels for energy, and switch off lights and fans to save electricity
  • Recycling and taking part in the Return & Earn program!
  • And more!

Scripture reflection

Psalm 104

You stretch out the heavens like a tent,
you set the beams of your chambers on the waters,
you make the clouds your chariot,
you ride on the wings of the wind,
you make the winds your messengers,
fire and flame your ministers

(Excerpt, Psalm 104:2-4)

What does Psalm 104 tell us about God's creation? Can you relate it to where you live? What are your favourite parts of nature near your home?

The impact of COVID-19

A message from Fr Rajesh Lobo SJ, Director of the Eden Gardens Children's Home

Listen to Fr Rajesh Lobo's account of the impact of COVID-19 on the Eden Gardens Children's Home. What do you think will be the most challenging thing for children who must remain at the home? Students can connect this to their own experience of school at home - what were the challenges that they faced; that their parents faced? Why would the situation in India be different for the children at Eden Gardens? How can we try to understand and do our best to support them?

Extra resources and activities

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