Welcome to Week 6 of the Socktober Challenge!

We made it! The final week of the Socktober Challenge is here. We hope you have enjoyed learning about our brothers and sisters in India, Ethiopia and Thailand and honing those soccer skills along the way. This week, we end our journey around the world of mission in the heart of Cambodia, the setting for World Mission Month this year. Browse through the resources below and complete as many of the activities you can. Don't forget to ask family and friends to support you by contributing towards your fundraising target! What did you enjoy most during the Socktober Challenge? Share an update on your page!

Week 6: Joy

Catholic Social Teaching: Common Good

In the final week of the Socktober Challenge, we hop across the border and into Cambodia, a nation of exquisite culture but one with a dark history.

We'll meet Dara, a young boy whose life was irreversibly changed by a landmine explosion that took his right hand. We'll spend some time at the Arrupe Centre in Battambang, where Dara lives and where he is given opportunities to develop fully despite the challenges of his condition.

Dara's Story

Note down five things you learnt from Dara's story.

What is the Arrupe Centre doing to support Dara and his friends?

Be a Socktober Songwriter!

Rewrite the words of a well-known song to tell Dara's story...
What song brings you the most joy? What is it about the song that makes you happy? Is it the beat, the tune, or maybe the lyrics?

Think about Katy Perry's "Roar", Pharrell Williams' "Happy", or Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off". They all have words that make us feel stronger and more powerful, like we can take on the world!

Your challenge is to come up with new lyrics for your favourite song that tell Dara's story and give him power, hope and joy. Post your lyrics as an update to your Socktober Star page!

Scripture reflection

Matthew 25:31-40

For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me...

(Matthew 25:35)

What does this passage tell us about how to live a life according to God's way?

How does the passage reflect elements of Dara's story?

Shoot for the Stars!

Keep a calm head and fine-tune your penalty shootout skills!
It's the last week of the Socktober Challenge. Have you improved your soccer skills? How many knee-ups have you logged on your Socktober Stars supporter page?

Time to practise a skill that can be critical to a team's success - the penalty shootout. It's super easy:

1. Ask a family member, friend or classmate to join you in this activity. You'll also need a ball of course!
2. Set up some goals; they can be trees, shoes, or just about anything!
3. Take turns with your partner - one can be goalkeeper and one can take the shots... then swap!
4. Take five shots at a time and see how many you can score with your homemade sockball (learn about this in Week 1!)
5. Log your goals as knee-ups on your Socktober Star page.

Remember to be safe and make sure there are no dangerous obstacles around. If you're doing this at home, let a parent or guardian know!

Extra resources and activities