Kick goals for good In 2023!

Hearts on fire, feet on the move. 
Get active in 2023 and kick goals for good.
Show you're ready to support children 
in need in Timor-Leste by pre-registering 

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Here's how to do it:

1. Sign up

Make sure your school has a page, and then sign up as a Socktober Star. Check out our step-by-step guides to sign up a School or Student.

2. Write Your Why

Inspire others by sharing about why you're making a difference. Edit your page bio or post regular blog updates. 

3. Pick 'em and Kick 'em!

Choose a Goal Pack, and kick each of the goals throughout Socktober to earn sponsorship from family and friends.

4. Share your page

Once you are signed up, send your unique page link via email, Facebook or SMS and ask friends and family to sponsor the goals you are kicking for kids in need!

Our goal: generational care for vulnerable children in Timor-Leste

In 2023, students and their families across Australia will team up to support families in Timor-Leste facing health and wellness challenges.

Our projects on the ground help sustain and enrich the lives of vulnerable children by providing vital medicines and health support. 

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Socktober Challenge: Your mission starts here

The Socktober Challenge is a comprehensive journey in mission where you create your own adventure and kick goals for kids in need off the field. 

The activities and challenges in our Mission Packs will help you understand the needs of children in developing communities and take action to support them.

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Socktober Shootout: Kick your mission goals

Time to shoot for the stars! Celebrate Mission Week with a Socktober Event Day and use your sockballs to kick goals on the field. Discover the reality for children in Ethiopia and other majority world countries and compare it to our own. Don’t forget to ask your family and friends to sponsor your goals!

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Resources for teachers
to promote Socktober

From promoting Socktober in your school community, to learning more about our projects in Ethiopia, or how the game of soccer unites communities around the world, we have plenty of resources to help your school celebrate Socktober. 

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Mission Month Resources
for Educators and Students

Catholic Mission provides staff and students with a renowned suite of resources for World Mission Month, including full liturgies, advocacy resources and 360-VR material.

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