Nicolle Achmad

Thanks for visiting my Socktober page! 

I'm kicking goals for good!

This year, I'm participating in Socktober for Mission Month because there are children who need my support. I have learnt about the Deberety Farm in Ethiopia and how it is helping families like Neela and her baby Ajani. I am lucky to have nutritious food, healthcare and education in Australia, so I want to help families in Ethiopia to access these things too - will you support me?

My Goals

You're all set! Below are the goals in your selected Goal Pack. Work through them at your own pace, setting target dates to achieve them by. Once you've kicked each goal, tick the box and let us know what you did to achieve it, and what you learnt along the way. Your goals will appear on your fundraising page, and your family and friends can see the great work you are doing. They'll be very keen to chip in and support your effort!

Make My Sockball

Learn the story of the original ‘sockball’ and then make your own.

Rate My Eco Footprint

Create an environmental action plan for your school, class or home.

Learn About a Woman on Mission

Read the story of Pauline Jaricot and identify how, through her action, did she exemplify the Church teaching about dignity and respect for others? How did she live ‘mission’?

Have a Day!

Create a calendar of significant days of the year that acknowledge inclusivity and diversity.
E.g., Harmony Day, NAIDOC Week. How are these celebrated in your community? Choose one of these days and find out why it is celebrated.

A Coffee a Day Keeps the Sockball at Play

Take a pay-cut! Invite your parents to add your allowance to your Socktober page for a week or longer; or ask a neighbour to contribute a cup of coffee to your Socktober page.

Master a Socktober Skill

Learn to juggle a football on your knees.

My Achievements

I started my Socktober journey!

I've raised $238 and helped to provide a scholarship for one student this year!

I got my first sponsorship!

I've posted two updates!

I kicked my first goal!

I've kicked three of my goals!

I'm halfway to my target!

I raised $77 and helped provide care for the goats at the Deberety Farm!

I've kicked all of my goals!

I've hit my fundraising target!