Kate, Olivia and Lachlan

Socktober 2022

We're kicking goals for good in 2022!

We're participating in Socktober for Mission Month to make a difference for children in Ethiopia. We'll be learning about a community in Emdibir this year and kicking goals at school to support families who are facing malnutrition and food insecurity. Thanks for supporting our team as we look to make a difference!

Thank you to our Sponsors



Keep up the great work ,


Paul Kennedy


Andrew Tate

Enrol to hustlers university!


James Kennedy

Y’all nibbas


James Kennedy

I don’t like this


Anne Hassab

Well done. We're very proud of you xoxo


Grant & Heidi Thomson




Luke Kennedy

U bloody leech


Moira Feehan

So proud of you Olivia


Steve And Court Mcwilliam


Olivia O'sullivan


Bronte Hughes

great job liv!!


Ethan Zerafa

Hope you do good love you


Breda O'sullivan

I'm very proud of you Olivia. What a good cause.