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Thank you for taking time to share in our exciting new initiative Socktober! You’re invited to develop Socktober in your school or club and help to ‘Sock it to Poverty’. Teachers, host a Socktober Mission Day at school during World Mission Month and include our 360 Virtual Reality experience and #shoestories amongst other school activities. Register your school above and we’ll be in touch, or email us at

How to register for Socktober

Step 1: 

Ask your parent/guardian to set up your fundraising page – you will be able to see how much money you are raising and see how your friends and other people participating in Socktober are raising.

Step 2:

Set a goal for yourself – or set a goal to reach between you and some friends. Below are some examples of how your fundraising can make a life-giving impact.

Step 3:

Reach out to your family and friends and start fundraising. Ask your family to support you and get them to share your online fundraising page with their friends to help you smash your fundraising goal!

Step 4:

Make a Sockball for your Socktober Day and practise kicking goals – check out our soccer tips below!

Most importantly… Have fun!

Tips for Soccer

1. Keep your head over the ball and follow through with your kick.

2. Pick your spot that you want to shoot before your kick and don’t change your mind.

3. Keep an eye on the positioning of the goalkeeper.

4. Contact the ball with the instep of your foot for more accuracy

How your fundraising can make a difference

$37 can help to build new classrooms in a remote school, which will provide children with a safe learning environment.
$164 can cover the cost of providing nutritious food for the 78 children at the Nazareth Home for God’s Children for one day. 
$276 can support the cost of building a Youth Centre, which can host formation programs and faith activities for children.
$610 can cover the cost of vital medicine for one child at the Nazareth Home for God’s Children for one year.